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Our team at Hollis are experts on Moonwalk’s hierarchical storage management solution. If you would like more information on whether it would be suitable for your organisation; or how best to implement Moonwalk to start saving money on your data storage, then get in contact using the form on this page.




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25 Tb Starter Edition: More than a FREE Trial

We are offering Moonwalk for FREE with our starter edition, for up to¬†25Tb of primary storage. There’s no investment in expensive¬†middleware and the Moonwalk agent doesn’t sit in the data pathway.

Run the Moonwalk agent with your own policies to determine exactly how much data is stale and can be moved to secondary storage, freeing up expensive primary storage.

Moonwalk takes around 10 minutes to set up and can be configured to work with all the major players in primary storage. For more information about how Moonwalk is compatible to your storage environment, speak to a consultant.