Technical Specifications

Is Moonwalk Compatible?

Moonwalk is compatible with most storage environments which means it’s likely to be compatible with your current storage solution, but equally, as importantly, it is unlikely you won’t be locked into any solution.

 Windows Server

 NetApp (7-mode)

 NetApp (Cluster-mode)

 OES Linux

 Alibaba Cloud OSS

 Amazon S3

 Azure Storage

Caringo Swarm

 Concurrent Aquari

 EMC Centera

  Google Cloud Storage

Hitachi HCP

 IBM Spectrum Scale

 IBM COS / Bluemix

 Scality RING

 OES Linux


 Virtualstream Storage Cloud

 Windows Server

Policy Operations – Details of the various operations that may be performed on selected files by Admin Centre policies

Administration Guide

For all specifics on system upgrades, system backups, disaster recovery and network ports download the Moonwalk Administration Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Moonwalk Extend The Life Of Your Primary Storage

Moonwalk have many accumulative financial benefits, perhaps the clearest is the how it extends the lifecycle of primary storage.  

Once the agent is installed it will structure data on the both primary and secondary storage. You would set a policy that data not accessed for X period of time will be sent to secondary storage, with the understanding that because of snubbing technology and the structuring of the data, it can be recalled back to its original location on the primary storage. 

With clients such as Stanford university, in excess of 50% of the data was able to be sent to secondary storage meaning more space is available for operation requirements. Primary storage is more expensive, and not only did it extend the life of primary storage, it made a saving.

What Storage Is Moonwalk Compatible With?

Moonwalk is compatible with every major server solution, including (but not limited to) Windows Server, NetApp (Cluster-mode), NetApp (7-mode), OES Linux. The list of compatible secondary servers can be found here 

Moonwalk has been designed to work and many different servers, by location and cloud based. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to a consultant who can walk you through the technical application of Moonwalk.

How Does Moonwalk Facilitate And Support Data Recovery

Moonwalk works as a data recovery tool. Both the agent in the secondary storage and the agent housed in the primary storage keep critical information on the data that gets moved between storage tiers. If one storage tier was to need replacing, Moonwalk is able restore all files and data into their original positions on the server.  

To understand more about how Moonwalk delivers disaster recovery functionality, speak to a consultant.