Moonwalk ROI

How Can Moonwalk Benefit You?

Moonwalk delivers a variety of benefits but ultimately it is the ROI that makes the most compelling case for implementing the software into your Hierarchical Storage Management system.  

There are a number of different benefits that lead to a significant cost saving and ultimately, a ROI, here are 4 that most enterprise clients resonate with:

#1 Saving money on primary storage: Over 50% data relocation

Recent research suggests that the average business has 50% redundant data on their primary storage. This is usually either data that is unstructured, so can’t be moved, or hasn’t been accessed for an extended period time. Moonwalk can be configured to automatically structure data and move redundant/inactive data to secondary storage.

The Benefit: Secondary storage is significantly cheaper than primary storage. It is as much 40-50% more affordable potentially saving up to £2000 per TB on hardware storage.

#2 Automates time-consuming data management operations

The process of structuring and moving data between primary and secondary storage is traditionally a labour intensive process. This is compounded with GDPR and other compliance requirements which increases the emphasis of having structured data in both the primary and secondary storage.

The Benefit: Automating this process reduces costs as well as the requirement for personnel resources whilst delivering a rapid ROI. This saving allows for a much quicker ROI. Implementing Moonwalk quickly becomes a saving, not an investment.

#3 Reduces Backup Costs

Reducing the amount of data housed on your primary storage lessens the requirements for backup and disaster recovery.

The Benefit: A massive saving on backup infrastructure and DR storage costs, often reducing storage requirements by up to 50%.

#4 No Middleware Costs

Most HSM solutions rely on middleware which structures the data but requires additional management and costs for another server. Middleware server requirements expand as primary data grows and it needs to be managed, backed up and be part of the DR policy.

The Benefit: Moonwalk doesn’t need middleware. Users get all the benefits of having your data structured without having to invest in a middleware server, additional backup server space or increasing the workload of the IT management team

Moonwalk is a Saving, not an Investment

There are numerous financial advantageous to Moonwalk including clients receiving a 50-60% reduction in primary storage costs, which not only translates into a saving on future architecture investment but also reduces the scope of Disaster Recovery and management resources, as well as expensive middleware solutions which will scale as primary storage scales. 

To discuss these savings and the overall ROI from using Moonwalk, or to get your free 25TB starter edition, speak to a consultant.

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The best way to fully appreciate the value of Moonwalk’s unique HSM is to Install and trial it.  

The Starter Edition is free to use for up to 25 TB
● Get FREE Access to the Moonwalk Starter Edition
● Reduce back up and data management costs  
● Can be installed in less than 10 minutes
● Reduce computing and storage resource consumption 
● Contain data growth in less costly secondary storage