Moonwalk Inc

About Moonwalk

Moonwalk Universal is a privately owned company specialising in large-scale data management solutions. Moonwalk scales from small in-house systems to massive private and public cloud deployments and resolves the issues with large unstructured data sets and competing computer hardware resources. It is used by major organisations across the world in industry sectors including Banking, Healthcare, Government, Research and Development, Education and Resources.

Moonwalk’s dynamic, software-defined storage suite automates the movement of unstructured data from expensive and complex primary storage to lower cost disk storage, object storage and the cloud. This enables customers to:

  • Reduce storage TCO by 80%
  • Achieve an ROI in 12-18 months

In addition, primary storage upgrades are less frequent, much less expensive and utilise the highest performing hardware. Data growth is contained in secondary storage so upgrades are inexpensive, non-disruptive and predictable.

Part of the Dialog Group

Moonwalk was incubated in the Dialog Group, Australia’s largest privately held IT services company. With over 1,200 Information Technology specialists, it delivers on site services such as help and support desks, consultancy and building systems for government departments, States and large companies such as Telstra. Dialog is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Premium Services and Supplier to IBM and Australia’s largest Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner.

Since achieving its first customer installation in 2007, Moonwalk has provided effective data management solutions to virtually every industry sector including:

  • US Bank – Archiving to US Government R3 Cloud. In excess of 1PB
  • US Media Group managing 8PB
  • US Government health organisation
  • Bellway UK to Amazon S3
  • Publicly listed Australian Property Trust running MW in EC2 and archiving to Amazon S3
  • Global engineering company with 40+ offices worldwide archiving over 1PB to multiple data centres
  • Managing images for national healthcare network across medical facilities
  • Military and Police in UK
  • KPN in The Netherlands
  • BT in the UK

Moonwalk Patents

With global patents for its technology, Moonwalk was awarded a coveted US patent for its entire architecture in 2017. These patents are centred around Moonwalk’s innovative approach to eliminating middleware and architecture, enabling massively scalable deployments in any industry.