Hollis Technology is pleased to introduce Moonwalk to the UK market. Moonwalk is an HSM solution, that helps to structure and move stale data to more cost-effective secondary storage.  It sits in the primary storage environment, without needing any expensive middleware or introducing any additional points of failure.

Moonwalk Explained

Moonwalk is a data management software that automates the movement of unstructured data from expensive and complex primary storage to lower cost disk storage, object storage and the cloud. 

  • Moonwalk customers typically reduce their storage TCO by 80% and see a solution ROI in 12-18 months 
  • Allows most effective use of expensive primary storage making the need for storage upgrades less frequent and much less expensive.
  • Data growth is contained in secondary storage where upgrades are inexpensive, non-disruptive and predictable 
  • Up to 90% of the dataset is out of the primary storage resulting in faster end-to-end processes and significantly reduced backup media requirements.

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How Moonwalk Delivers An ROI

Compelling ROI



Moonwalk can release more than 50% of current primary storage.   

Moonwalk’s automated, Hierarchical Storage Management software relocates data to more cost-effective secondary storage, reducing costs by: 

  • Capping expensive primary storage 
  • Reducing backup costs  
  • Reducing the load on server and storage devices 
  • Automating costly data-management operations 

Modern organisations are dealing with ever-growing amounts of data being consumed by users. This explosion of data needs greater storage capacity, management and administration. This increases the cost and complexity of storage architectures exponentially and often far outstrips budgeted expansion.

Continuing to buy more and more storage is no longer a viable strategy to overcome these challenges.

The answer is to automate and manage data across storage tiers within existing storage architectures to deliver the best return on investment.  The answer is Moonwalk.

Data Analysis: Understanding Datasets 

As part of the software suite, Moonwalk provides a  data analysis tool for file systems

When configured, the tool gathers target information for efficient and bespoke data analysis, allowing information and insights into organisational datasets, for data-driven decision making. 

Users configure the data analysis tool to meet their bespoke requirements, utilising the functions of Moonwalk that best meet their needs. It offers features such as: 

  • Archiving old files 
  • Archiving infrequently used files 
  • Archiving large files 
  • Deleting or isolating  suspect or prohibited files 

Over time, reporting policies provide a mechanism for storage optimisation and ongoing data management improvement.


Moonwalk’s patented software technology automates and manages the movement of data from primary storage locations to lower cost file systems, object stores, tape or cloud storage services.

Key Moonwalk characteristics include:

  • Non-disruptive technology 
  • No introduced points of failure  
  • No scalability limitations 
  • Minimised network congestion 
  • Reduced computing and storage resource consumption 

Centralised Management

AdminCenter is a light-weight web application that provides a single point of management interface.

Because you’re not in the data path, you’re able to scale proportionately without having to continuously invest in middleware.

This delivers significant savings and is just one of the ways in which Moonwalk can demonstrate a ROI compared to other HSM solutions.

Additionally, eliminating the need for middleware, databases or a centralised cache means that there is less human resource required to manage the migration and archiving of files.

This allows enterprises to scale without having to continuously reinvest in storage infrastructure.

Moonwalk Data Sheet – Get a run down of the core functionality and features of Moonwalk’s award winning technology


We’re happy to give you a demonstration of Moonwalk in action, but we believe the best way to see the benefits of Moonwalk is to install it, run it and see for yourself exactly how much of a difference it can make to your storage environment.

To talk specifics and get your FREE 25 Tb started edition, speak to a consultant.

Moonwalk vs Other HSMs

Other Hierarchical Storage solutions require middleware which sits between primary and secondary tiers. You get all the benefits of having your data structured and primary storage optimized, however, you don’t get the same financial benefits you can expect to receive with Moonwalk.

Moonwalk doesn’t require expensive middleware, which will need ongoing investment as your data grows. there are no additional backup costs, and you’ll avoid vendor lock-in.

Additionally, middleware represents a single point of failure, but Moonwalk doesn’t sit in the data path and can’t have that impact on your storage environment.

Exploring Moonwalk and

Hierachachical Storage Management

What is HSM?

HSM is an acronym for Hierarchical Storage Management. This is a technique used by organisations to automate their data storage in the most resource efficient way. Typically data is stored on high-speed storage solutions allowing for quick access, unfortunately, these are much more expensive than more common and affordable slower storage devices. HSM regulates data analysing its importance and the level of accessibility needed. Following this assessment, it will automatically store regularly accessed data on high-speed storage devices whilst storing the bulk of rarely accessed data to the slower storage solutions or the cloud. This automatic process not only protects the performance of your systems but is also much more cost-effective as slower storage devices and the cloud are much more affordable storage solutions.

Is data safe when getting transported to the cloud?

When transferring the data to the cloud using Moonwalk the data will be sent using secure TLS connections. This means that the data will be encrypted before it is transferred to its cloud destination. In addition, when the data is stored on your cloud servers it will still be encrypted in an encryption key specific to you.

Can I upgrade my storage capacity?

Moonwalk’s free Starter Edition licenses provide a fixed 25TB’s of storage. If your organisation requires more storage capacity simply upgrade your licence to a paid edition. Moonwalk’s paid edition offers a range of different storage capacities which can be upgraded as required to meet the demands of your organisation. 

What secondary storage devices can I use?

Moonwalk is fully compatible with a wide range of secondary storage devices including: Alibaba Cloud OSS, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Caringo Swarm, Caringo Content Gateway, Cloudian HyperStore, Concurrent Aquari, Dell EMC ECS, EMC Centera, Google Cloud Storage, Hitachi HCP, IBM COS/Bluemix, IBM Spectrum Scale, Scality RING, Virtustream, Storage Cloud, Windows Server, OES Linux and CIFS/NFS. 


We’re happy to give you a demonstration of Moonwalk in action, but we believe the best way to see the benefits of Moonwalk is to install it, run it and see for yourself exactly how much of a difference it can make to your storage environment.

To talk specifics and get your FREE 25 Tb started edition, speak to a consultant.